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The Board of the Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) would like to announce the dissolution of the corporation.  On May 29, 1987 the PDA became a mutual benefit corporation 501(c)(6).  Over the years, the PDA engaged in hosting numerous events, such as the Placerville Oktoberfest, which raised the funds for PDA sponsored community events such as Hangtown Wagon Train Days, Girls Night Out, the Festival of Lights, and the 3rd Saturday Art Walk.  The PDA developed wonderful traditions to bring the public to the downtown, which was their purpose.

In 2019, after the PDA Board discovered that they were out of compliance with the requirements of IRS Section 501(c)(6), they consulted an attorney and updated their bylaws and modified their mission statement to:  “The Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) is a membership organization which works to promote, through marketing activities, and protect, through advocacy, the unique and historic character of the Central Business District in order to maintain the economic viability and the common interests of the Corporation’s membership.”

The city government and a few merchants resisted this concept and have been uncomfortable with this type of association.  The city council felt that the PDA should not object to the city’s actions and became adversarial towards the PDA.  Through agreements between the City Council and the PDA the city stopped the $11,000 contribution to the PDA that was used for the events and flower baskets on Main Street. 

Then on 3-22-22 the City Council made the decision to designate a new relationship between the City and those that hold closed street events to go from a “host and applicant” arrangement to being “City sponsored events” with non-profit co-sponsorship. In this arrangement the City no longer allowed for a 501(c)(6) to co-sponsor closed street events.

With the loss of the ability to generate income and the loss of members over all the contention, the PDA no longer had the ability to host future events.  Also, with the city taking over the task of providing flower baskets and sponsoring events, the PDA was no longer needed for those activities. 

After meeting with merchants within the Central Business District on 11-28-22 it was decided among those attending that the best course to resolve the conflicts within the District and the City was to bring forward a resolution to the PDA members to dissolve the Placerville Downtown Association.  The vote for dissolution was approved on 9-27-23.

Placerville Downtown is a special place in so many ways which brings people from around the world to visit.  We ask that you continue to support our local merchants in order to retain that hometown feel that makes Placerville so special.

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