Concerned Citizens of Cameron Park

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Cameron Park, CA 95682
(650) 534-5656

We are a bipartisan community ACTION group. Although politics play a role in our community, we are setting the example in working together, regardless of political beliefs to enhance our community. We acknowledge we are all valuable and contribute differently to our cause. Everyone has something to add, so all respectful opinions and statements are welcome. Respectful debate is encouraged, but in the end, majority rules in our path forward. We encourage everyone to accept the decisions of the majority as nothing will get done without compromise. Please understand we speak as a united group when we write letters and communicate.

Supporting local businesses is strongly encouraged, however at this time advertising your own in this group will need to wait. We are focusing specifically on improving the health and safety of our community and our goals as a group. Businesses who support our goals can be acknowledged. 5. Zero tolerance for hate speech, political divisiveness, and statements in contrast to our mission as a cohesive community group. (We are so lucky we haven’t had to deal with this!). One incident will be cause for removal.

Lastly, we are a community action group with a panel of volunteers who work on individual tasks as they arise and fit into individual specialties and talents. We are not governed but make decisions as a group. It is encouraged for all to comment and respond to ensure your voice is heard when decisions are being made. Thank you all who have demonstrated that together we can make a positive impact on our community!

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